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 Canon IXUS 500 IR-sensitivity

Camera: Canon IXUS 500 @ ISO50
Filter: Heliopan RG715
white balance exposure time aperture EV
auto - without IR Filter 1/200 f7.1 14.3
auto 0.5 s f2.8 5
manual 0.5 s f2.8 5
time: around 15:30 o clock MET
date: 11 May
weather: blue sky
LIGHT LOSS: ~ -9.3 EV (perhaps a bit more)

I think the IR-pictures are a little bit underexposed.

without filter (WB: cloudy):

with RG715 (WB Auto):

with RG715 (WB manual):

 comment: Typical purple shift of Sony's 5 MP 1/1,8" sensor. With manual white balance good colors. The IR-effect is not very strong, but visible.

Picture Quality:
The following pictures are 1:1 crops of the original images. Saved in Photoshop with quality level '7'.
without IR-Filter:

with Heliopan RG715 (WB manual):

The crops are taken near the border of the image. The details are great for IR, much better than many other 5 MP digicams.
After post processing you will get some noise, especially in the sky. Noise is not very strong, perfect conditions for Neat Image.  The IXUS 500 can produce high-quality IR-pictures.

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