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Minolta 2300 IR-sensitivity

Camera: Minolta 2300 @ISO85 (rounded to ISO80)
Filter: Heliopan RG715
white balance exposure time aperture EV
auto - without IR Filter 1/180 s f7 13.3
auto 1/30 s f3 8.3
manual - - -
time: around 14:30 o clock MET
date: 03 June
weather: nearly blue sky

It's very sensitive to IR-Light. So you can use it without tripod most times. It is comfortable to hold, if you use the viewfinder, you get sharp shots down to around 1/8 sec (because you have always a 38 mm lens).
A real problem is the LCD, it's much too dark. You couldn't use it outdoors, even in the shade you see  nearly nothing. So you compose with the viewfinder and your eye something, you can't see. In a way, this makes great fun.

The control layout of the camera is the worst, I ever used. 

without filter (WB: auto):

with RG715 (WB, Auto):

The camera uses the tungsten white balance, because of the red cast.

 comment: The image is much to red. You can correct this, it's getting a little bit noisy, for that you have Neat Image.
Another problem is the vignetting. You see it even at the with-out-filter-picture in the upper edges.  In IR-pictures it gets worse.

After a little bit Photoshop (Auto Levels) the colors look nice, noise is low. The wood effect is very strong.
But the pictures have always one problem. Even if you print them to 9 cm photos, do not expect much of detail. A C-2020 captures more!
Be fair, the camera costs only around 30 , you need only a very small filter (30 mm are enough), and its very sensitive. For the price it's a really great fun.
If you are going to capture real art (with big print sizes), you better look for a good IR-camera with 4 MP or more.


The sharpness is good in the middle of the image. The edges are a bit soft, but for the price it's OK.

 What is the right filter for?
With the RG715 it gets to much red. The red channel is sometimes near overexposure, the blue and green channel were dark. But I think the RG715 does a good job. The Hoya R720 can be a bit better.

If possible buy a Olympus C-2020. It's more expensive, but the control layout is much better. It captures also more details, and you get better color-IRs. ;)

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