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 Olympus C-4040 IR-sensitivity

Camera: Olympus C-4040 @ISO100
Filter: Heliopan RG715
white balance exposure time aperture EV
auto - without IR Filter 1/500 s f6.3 14.3
auto 0.33 s f2.3 4
manual 0.4 s f2.6 4
time: around 13:30 o clock MET
date: 03 June
weather: very very thin clouds

The both IR-Shots were taken with EV-compensation = -0.33.

The C-4040 has a f1.8 lens and you can hold it very good in your hand, thanks to the excellent grip. So you could perhaps take some pictures without tripod if you use ISO200, which are nearly sharp. But I recommend to use a tripod.

without filter (WB: cloudy):

with RG715 (WB Auto):

with RG715 (WB cloudy):

with RG715 (WB manual):

 comment: In my opinion the colors are best if taken with the white balance cloudy, out of camera its a nice warm picture. If you swap the blue and red channel and correct the new red channel a bit, you will get an icy IR-picture. I really like it.
The other way is the manual white balance and then swap red and blue channel. This also looks nice.

What you don't see: Pictures are after post processing sometimes noisy, even at ISO100, not dramatic, but you should have the Neat Image Demo.

The following pictures are 1:1 crops of the original images. Saved in Photoshop with quality level '7'.
without IR-Filter:

with Heliopan RG715 (WB Cloudy):

First you think perhaps the C-4040 takes soft pictures in normal mode. For better post-processing the sharpness and the contrast setting in my camera are at '-3'. The IR-picture contains a lot of detail. Kudos.
The softness disappear if you take USM in Photoshop, but do this after post processing and after the noise filter.

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