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 Olympus -mini IR-sensitivity

Camera: Olympus mini @ ISO64
Filter: Heliopan RG715
white balance exposure time aperture EV
auto - without IR Filter 1/125 s f10 14.7*
auto 0.25 s f3.5 6.3
manual 0.33 s f3.5 5.7
time: around 16:00 o clock MET
date: 07 August
weather: a few clouds, but sunny

* the without-IR-filter-shot is a bit underexposed, so I lifted the EV-value for the scene by 0.3 to 14.7
Focus works very good, no problems. For taking the pictures I used the scene mode "Night Scene".
The exposure time is to long for handheld shots, you have to take a tripod.

without filter (WB: daylight/Fine weather):

with RG715 (WB Auto):

with RG715 (WB tungsten):

 comment: In terms of color non of this pictures is nice. It's typical for the new Sony CCDs, the green channel is fairly unsensitive for IR radiation. Don't panic, use the blue channel also as green channel, accept a bit more luminance noise, then you get this:

Much better, if we swap blue and red-channel it's nearly perfect (for my taste).

The following pictures are 1:1 crops of the original images. Saved in Photoshop with quality level '7'.
The first crop is taken from the centre of the image:

The second is from the left down corner:

The third from the right border of the image:

In my opinion pretty impressive for such a tiny optic (diameter of the front lens is about 0.5 cm). Of course the mini applies much sharpness to the image, but the result is very good. Printing the picture up to 20x30 cm shouldn't be a problem.

We use the blue channel two times. Because of this we get of course problems with some luminance noise. In my opinion it's acceptable at ISO64. Who don't think so, can use NeatImage.
1:1 crop

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