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 Sony P32 IR-sensitivity

Camera: SonyP32 @ISO100
Filter: Heliopan RG715
whitebalance exposure time aperture EV
auto - without IR Filter 1/250 s f5.6 13
auto 1 s f2.8 3
manual 1 s f2.8 3
time: around 16:30 o clock MET
date: 28 July
weather: nearly blue sky, very few clouds
LIGHT LOSS: ~ -10,7EV*

It needs a tripod. If you look at the pictures, it would even need more light or time, but it can only expose 1 second.  You see this also in histogram. 
*Because of this, I decided to lift the lightloss to 10.7 EV.

without filter:

with RG715 (WB, Auto):
I have also tried the manual presets, but 'Auto' gives the best file.

after 'Autolevels' in Photoshop:

 comment: So far, so nice. It has a hotspot, the colours aren't really nice. You see the noise even in this small picture.

Just one word: "Cruel". Perhaps two: "Really Cruel." It isn't useable.


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